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We have compiled a list of laws pertaining to families, parenting, and domestic violence in one place to allow easy and direct access. It is important to understand the state and federal laws because it allows you to protect yourself and enables you to choose lawful actions. While laws may be accessible to all citizens, they can be difficult to understand and interpret. Below we offer a  comprehensive breakdown of certain laws.  Don't see what you're looking for? To search for a specific statute click the link below.

Parenting Laws

This section offers an in-depth look at Kansas Parenting Laws.

Presumption of Paternity

23-2208. Presumption of paternity. This law outlines in which cases a man is presumed to be the father of a child.

Paternity Testing

23-2212. Genetic tests to determine paternity; order of court; refusal to submit to tests; expert witnesses. This law details requirements for paternity testing.

Child Support

23-3001 - Minor children; support and education.
23-3002 - Determining amount of child support.
23-3003 - Child health insurance coverage.
23-3004 - Child support payments paid through the central unit for collection and disbursement of support payments; exception for good cause shown.
23-3005 - Modification of child support.
23-3006 - Abatement of child support.

Understanding Child Support.


23-3201 - Legal custody, residency and parenting time criteria.
23-3202 - Parenting plan; best interest presumed.
23-3203 - Factors considered in determination of legal custody, residency and parenting time of a child.
23-3204 - No vested interest or presumption to either parent.
23-3205 - Rebuttable presumption against best interest of child in certain instances.
23-3206 - Legal custodial arrangements.
23-3207 - Residential arrangements.
23-3208 - Parenting time; enforcement; child exchange and visitation centers.
23-3209 - Interviews; court; minors.
23-3210 - Information relating to custody or residency of children; visitation or parenting time with children.
23-3211 - Parenting plan; definitions.
23-3212 - Same; temporary orders.
23-3213 - Same; permanent; objectives; general outline, provisions.
23-3214 - Same; court information; classes; mediation; forms.
23-3215 - Notification of other parent of certain events; failure, indirect civil contempt; material change in circumstances.
23-3217 - Child custody and parenting time for parents deployed by the military; modification of orders; hearing.
23-3218 - Modification of child custody, residency, visitation and parenting time; examination of parties.
23-3219 - Modification of final order; specify factual allegations.
23-3220 - Modifications to orders enforced under title IV-D programs.
23-3221 - Modification of parenting time order.
23-3222 - Change in child's residence; notice; effect; exceptions.

Domestic Disputes

This section highlights laws pertaining to disputes in the home.



21-5427. Stalking

21-5924. Violation of a protective order; extended protective orders; penalties

Domestic Violence

21-5414. Domestic battery; aggravated domestic battery. 


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